• Inside The Passed Uganda Anti-Gay Bill.

    Inside The Passed Uganda Anti-Gay Bill.0

    Uganda in the newly passed anti gay-bill has made it a crime to identify as gay, if passed into law will be the first to outlaw identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), according to rights group Human Rights Watch.  The law will also ban “promoting and abetting” homosexuality as well as “conspiracy

  • Car Owners To Pay Shs735.000 For Digital Number Plates.

    Car Owners To Pay Shs735.000 For Digital Number Plates.0

    Car owners in Uganda are to register their vehicles and motorcycles afresh in order to attain digital number plates. The new government strategy to fight increasing rates of crime in the country will cost the car owners shs735.000/$200. Mr. Ggoobi Ramathan, the Permanent secretary for ministry of Finance in a February circular said; “Registration of

  • Govt Freezes Travel, Cuts Budget.

    Govt Freezes Travel, Cuts Budget.0

    Government plans to freeze new loans, hires and pay rise alongside spending on workshops and applying breaks on foreign travels of its officials in the new financial year as part of austerity measures to plug funding deficits and reverse rising debt servicing burdens . Jobs or pay rise in civil /public service have to wait

  • “Uganda Won’t Support Homosexuality” -Museveni.

    “Uganda Won’t Support Homosexuality” -Museveni.0

    President Museveni while addressing the congregants in Wii-Gweng village  in Mucwini  sub-county , kitgum District during the celebration of the archbishop Janani Luwum day, in response to a plea by Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu for government to join the church to condemn homosexuality responded that “Uganda will not support Homosexuality”. “We have been telling them ‘please,

  • International Day Of Zero Tolerance For FGM.

    International Day Of Zero Tolerance For FGM.0

    The International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM is observed every 6th February. During this time all stake holders involved in ending this dehumanizing practice have the opportunity to celebrate achievements and advocate for the abandonment of the practice. At least 200 million girls and Women alive today living in 31 countries have undergone FGM.

  • Mrs. Museveni Summoned Over PW D’s Poor Performance.

    Mrs. Museveni Summoned Over PW D’s Poor Performance.0

    Mrs. Museveni has been summoned by parliament over the recently concluded Primary Leaving Examinations where children with special needs are reported to have under performed; Of the 263 pupils with special needs who registered for P.L.E, non had division one. The Plenary sitting was presided over by the deputy speaker of parliament – Mr. Tayebwa.