Gospel Group Wilsongs Talks Life and Faith

Gospel Group Wilsongs Talks Life and Faith

For many people, listening to music is an activity that they participate in on a daily basis.

However, when facing the hardest of times, listening to Spirit-filled music that speaks life

For many people, listening to music is an activity that they participate in on a daily basis.

However, when facing the hardest of times, listening to Spirit-filled music that speaks life, and reveals how God is always with you, can give you inspiration to keep fighting the good fight of faith.

This defines the ministry of Wilsongs, founded by Dr. Wilson W. Muwanguzi.

What started with an individual singing and writing his own church songs has now become a big music ministry collaborating with worship leaders, pastors and song writers of different arenas, all bound by a common goal of giving a voice for the generation that is passionate about God and addressing society needs.

The multiple award winning music and worship ministry group based in Kampala, Uganda has transcended all boundaries to be embraced by a wide variety of gospel music lovers.

“It’s not so much the music that’s important but the purpose behind the music,” says Dr. Wilson.

He further believes that their lyrics are the product of divine inspiration through the Holy Spirit.

“We see ministry as a mantle to not only lead people to Jesus but also to be teachers of God’s word,” says Dr. Wilson.

“Sometimes people hear those songs, and sometimes those songs end up being an act of worship for us,” he adds.

Their voices are behind songs like:- Wasala Magezi Ki?, Tonganya, When I Have You, The Days, Yuda, Yuza Eggulu, Tobawa Number Yo, Tewali Linnya,  Nsalawo Okuyimusa Erinnya Lye,  Gwe Wekka Omutukuvu,Yuza Eggulu, Saawa Ya Kubotola,  “Waliwo Abisobola, “Mulimu Ekipya,” “Praising You Jahovah” and many more.

The group was on 31st May, 2019 recognized and awarded during the Viga Music Awards ceremony at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

They were voted Best Duo/Band/Group of the year 2019, and Dr. Wilson W. Muwanguzi received a nod for the Afri-Song Artist of the year 2019 award.

“Winning at the Viga Music Awards 2019, has been a miracle of its kind: it came at a time when we had just released our new songs; “Yuza Eggulu”, ” Saawa Ya Kubotola”, “Waliwo Abisobola”, “Mulimu Ekipya” and “Praising You Jehovah (Tenda)” yet they had not yet received as much acclamation as expected, even though Wilsongs is generally loved within and across borders,” Dr Wilson told Uganda Christian News.

“While winning awards is not the major aim, with this victory GOD has literally lifted us miles into the sky. We feel like stars shining high and bright. Surely; in such a time,” he said, quoting Deuteronomy 28:13.

“All I can assure you, is that God has a lot in store for us and for our family, friends and fans out there. I would like to thanks my wife and children, the Wilsongs team, my Pastor Ben Ochola who has been my great inspiration, the gospel music fraternity and our fans out there,” he said.

Wilsongs has traveled on invitation to a number of places on various occasions and general concerts to make music performance and lead worship, ceremonies and churches; ranging from introductions, weddings, concerts to presidential functions.

Among the high profile places they have performed in are National theatre, Theatre Labonita, Mtn Arena-Lugogo, Imperial Loyale Hotel, Serena Hotel, Fidodido Auditorium, Muganzirwazza, and many Churches around the country and across borders include Parklands Baptist Church (Nairobi).

In 2016-2017, Wilsongs was blessed to be one of the regular ministers in one of the greatest Holy Spirit revivals in the history of the church, the 77 Days of Glory, led by Pastor Robert Kayanja.

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