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  • Why We Suffer – Part 2.

    Why We Suffer – Part 2.0

    The presence of evil. The question of why we suffer surfaces instantly whenever we are faced with afflictions. This is chiefly so because as human beings, we find it more painful to have no reason for our suffering than the pain we go through at any such moment. As Christians, many of us are pushed

  • A prelude to ”Why We Suffer – Part 1.

    A prelude to ”Why We Suffer – Part 1.0

    The grim reality of suffering is one that is inescapable for all people from all walks of life. It is the kind of experience that touches everyone regardless of intellectual capacity, social & economic status, health status and even spiritual stance. Because suffering is such a daunting issue, there has been a lot to think,

  • Uganda To Deploy 1000 Troops to Dr. Congo.

    Uganda To Deploy 1000 Troops to Dr. Congo.0

    Uganda as part of the EAC block is going to deploy 1000 troops to Eastern Congo to fight the M23 rebels that have infested the region causing instability and displacement of many over the years. The East African region including; Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and South Sudan are set to send troops to the Congo Eastern



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