• International Day For Biodiversity(IDB).

    International Day For Biodiversity(IDB).0

    Uganda has joined many countries today to celebrate biodiversity under the global theme: “From Agreement to Action : Build Back Biodiversity.” Ms. Naomi Karekaho, the NEMA spokesperson revealed that they in order to commemorate the day plan to plant over 1,000 trees by the end of the day, today 22nd May, 2023. The restoration exercise

  • The Contribution Of Cultural Norms To Marine Biodiversity.

    The Contribution Of Cultural Norms To Marine Biodiversity.0

    By Namale Agnes. Many water bodies in Uganda have been associated with spiritual practices and in a certain way, these folklores and spiritual beliefs have influenced the human populations adjacent to these water bodies to respect these natural resources, hence protecting biodiversity. The Murchison falls for instance, before being gazetted in the year 1952, the