• Houses Of Worship , Target for Terrorists.

    Houses Of Worship , Target for Terrorists.0

    On Sunday the 3rd of September,2023 in the midmorning hours, police controllably detonated a bomb that was brought to the premises at Miracle Center Cathedral led by Pastor Robert Kayanja, with the intention of the suspect to blow himself causing much damage to the congregants. “Our technology confirmed that there was an improvised Explosive Device(IED)

  • A bomb Scare in Mbale Leaves Residents in Panic.

    A bomb Scare in Mbale Leaves Residents in Panic.0

    Fear breaks out in Mbale as a resident of Big-Two Village finds a strange object which police later confirms as an explosive. The resident saw the bomb and reported to the area chairman who notified the army of the suspected explosive. “On Tuesday, May 9 at around midday our joint security team responded to a

  • Church Bombed In DRC-Uganda Boarder.

    Church Bombed In DRC-Uganda Boarder.0

    A church in Eastern Congo has been bombed killing 10 and leaving 39 people injured on Sunday. The IS (ISLAMIC STATE JIHADISTS) claim to be responsible for the attack. The spokesman for Uganda’s military operation in the DRC, Bilal Katamba said, “The attackers used an IED to carry out the attack and we suspect ADF